About Division 1 Bunkers

Prepare for the unexpected with our concrete-based material used in all our bunkers, basements, safe rooms and custom homes.

For centuries concrete has provided the greatest protection against the mightiest natural elements due to its renowned strength and longevity. The ancient Romans used concrete to create the Coliseum between 70 and 80 AD and it is still standing centuries later. When planning to protect your home, why would you consider anything other than the same material used to make structures such as the Panama Canal, or the Hoover Dam (which has been holding back 10 trillion gallons of water since 1936 from the largest reservoir in the United States)?

We supply the ultimate security feature to fit your lifestyle. We build customized concrete safe rooms, bunkers, basements, and vaults, using materials from one of the most respected and reliable manufacturers in the industry. These concrete structures can be built to any size and shape, above ground bunkers or below ground bunkers, at any region or climate in the world.


Division 1 Bunkers combines safety and comfort; putting minds at ease for those who will ultimately survive and thrive by preparation and expecting the unexpected.

Privacy: Division 1 Bunkers ensures all bunker locations and client information is 100% confidential. Our small crews sign non-disclosure agreements prior to construction so the customer's privacy is secure. With an average seven-day construction time, your bunker design does not become a long-term project subject to community-wide knowledge.